We at ARTemiss believe that art has a big role in society.
Each individual artist shape the world, if ever so slightly. Artists create aesthetics. They see the world different and induce feelings in others
that they never felt before.
Art is not something we do. Art is the way we look at life and see it a little different than others. Creating artworks and sharing them is an effort to try and make
others see something from our perspective. We are here to make the future a better place. We are here to help artists do just that.

Our site’s purpose is to connect museums, galleries and individual artists with the public that are interested on buying arts.
You can get your artworks featured all over Europe, or find the painting, sculpture and other artworks that you would like to see in your home.
And how do we achieve that? We hold weekly online auctions where one can view and bid at their favorite artworks.

What does the name “ARTemiss” mean?

Three words combined. Art, emiss, and Artemis. While the word “art” does not need further description, it is important to understand the other two components.
The word emission is defined as sending something out into the air or environment. It comes form the latin word “emiss”, which means “sent out”. This connects to us,
as we send out aesthetics into the environment. The third component is Artemis. She was the daughter of Zeus, and she was the Greek goddess of hunting. In our name she represents the modern, digital hunting for arts.

Open letter to artists

  When I was 15 years old, my father asked me: “Why do you keep doing these drawings?”

  “Because I want to live forever” – I said. “Because I see all these amazing artists that lived thousands of years ago and we still remember their names.”

  For a time I didn’t dare to share my artworks. I did them for my own enjoyment. You all know the feeling of creating an art, looking at it when you are done with it. Feels good 🙂
I realized later that putting my world on canvas worth nothing, if I can’t communicate that with others.

  What is YOUR purpose with art? To make money? I doubt it. You want to live forever and you want to change the world, if ever so slightly. And we all do.

  We are the artists of the 21st century. We shape the art world, together. YOU shape the art world, even if you don’t realize it yet. I invite you to join our community, where our team will try to help you become successful and be able to communicate your inner world to hundreds of thousands.

  I created ARTemiss to help artists communicate. To create aesthetics and make ordinary people feel what we, artists, feel every day. That we look at the world and see it a bit different, with much more colors than they do. We feel the same things – just 1000 time stronger.

  Keep creating art and let’s shape the art world of the 21st century together! I wish you good luck on your journey.

Sincerely yours,

Steffen Homoki
Founder and CEO