Welcome to ARTemiss

Our site’s purpose is to connect museums, galleries and individual artists with the public that are interested on buying their arts.

Get your artworks featured all over Europe, or find the painting, sculpture and other artworks that you would like to see in your home.

And how do we achieve that? We hold weekly online auctions where one can view and bid at their favorite artworks.

What are the benefits of getting in contact with us before the start?

Whether you want to sell arts or buy them, you benefit both ways by registering before our first auction starts.

What does the name “ARTemiss” mean?

Three words combined. Art, emiss, and Artemis. While the word “art” does not need further description, it is important to understand the other two components. The word emission is defined as sending something out into the air or environment. It comes form the latin word “emiss”, which means “sent out”. This connects to us, as we send out aesthetics into the environment. The third component is Artemis. She was the daughter of Zeus, and she was the Greek goddess of hunting. In our name she represents the modern, digital hunting for arts.