Arts define our culture.

They take us places where we couldn't go without them.

They lift existence to a higher level. Arts make the future possible.

What is ARTemiss?
ARTemiss is an online auction site that is scheduled to launch on the first of April, 2019. It connects medias that want to sell artworks with the public.
Who sells products?

Museums, galleries, collectors and individual artists. All are welcome to sell at our platform.

What does the name “ARTemiss” mean?

Three words combined. Art, emiss, and Artemis. While the word “art” does not need further description, it is important to understand the other two components. The word emission is defined as sending something out into the air or environment. It comes form the latin word “emiss”, which means “sent out”. This connects to us, as we send out aesthetics into the environment. The third component is Artemis. She was the daughter of Zeus, and she was the Greek goddess of hunting. In our name she represents the modern, digital hunting for arts.