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Check out the guide on how you can upload your artwork for fixed price.

read it below

1 – Log in to your profie.

2 – Select ‘My Dashboard’

buy artwork

3 – Click on ‘Add Auction’.

4 – Add a title to the item, fill up the description section – be as specific as you can be – then select a category and upload at least one photo or video about the artwork.

5 – When uploading the artwork, make sure to fill up the title on the right side so people can easily find it if they put it to the search bar.

6 – Deselect ‘Auction’ and select ‘Buy Now’. Put in the price of what you want to receive for your artwork. Remember, we charge 12% commission fee.

7 – As this is an auction sostware, in order to complete the submission you will need to select an ending date. You can choose 2020 or any future dates.

8 – You have an option to receive offers from buyers. You can also enable shipping costs. That case you need to select the location of the artwork. Input the price for shipping.

You are ready to submit the artwork for buyers.