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Olga K Kaye asked 6 months ago

It is not fair that seller takes all risks and send \”sold\” artwork before get payment. Your company gets payment instantly so you should transfer at least the shipment cost to the seller. Next – shipment cost should be added to the sale, however it can be determined only after buyer location will be identified. That\’s a question!
Another question: terms and conditions. Too fuzzy. The main idea – you’re not responsible for anything. I’m not sure that it is fair.

ARTemissARTemiss Staff replied 6 months ago

Thank you very much for your feedback. As we are a start-up, all opinions are welcome and appreciated. We try to improve according to them.
1) I understand your concern on sending the artwork before payment. The big majority of art sites in Europe that we researched, work with the same system as us. Of course you are concerned sending a painting if there is a risk of not getting paid. But we are a legally registered company and European laws are strict so we must follow them. On the other hand, if a hacker registers a fake profile and pretends to have an artwork that he actually doesn’t, and says he sent the shipment, receives the money from us, we will never be able to track down the person. The money of the buyer would be lost. This would be a major security issue that we can’t allow.
2) Shipment costs are determined by the seller. This doesn’t only include postal fee, but packing, possible insurance, all efforts. If the seller puts it too high, he risks not selling the artwork.
3) Terms and conditions too fuzzy – it was written by a lawyer and the purpose of all terms and conditions is to protect the company, as these are >our terms< . This doesn't mean that we don't take care of our artists or buyers. The whole company's purpose is to support artists and make happy customers and that is our utmost purpose. Please feel free to submit more questions, or write to info@artemiss.eu.