ARTemiss is a startup of Auctions that operates in the European art market.
We believe that art is for everyone.
ARTemiss art auctions are held at approximately 1-week intervals, with approximately 200 lots sold per auction and have a very diverse audience. We serve people who are looking for works of less value, to decorate their residences / offices, even great collectors, who make works of art a form of investment.
Most of the works are sold at “free throw”, that is, it is possible to acquire it for a minimum of $ 100.00, allowing the buyer to have in his decoration an original, unique and certified work of art.
We are located in Denmark but being an online auction allows you to bid and buy works of art from great artists from anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of getting in contact with us before the start?

Whether you want to sell arts or buy them, you benefit both ways by registering before our first auction starts.

The advantages of selling on ARTemiss auctions

As stated on the home page, we are an upcoming auction website. Our first auction will be launched on the 1st of April, 2019.


ARTemiss will hold weekly auctions, specifically targeting art categories, such as paintings, sculptures, digital artworks, etc. Our team is currently connecting with museums and galleries, offering them the opportunity to sell at our auctions. We start the first week with 200 lots, however this number can change based on the demand.


Creating a ARTemiss account and offering up objects for auction is completely free. As a seller, you only pay a commission fee on the winning bid when your artwork sells.


Selling on ARTemiss is easy. Follow the guide in the “SELL AT AUCTION” tab, fill up the auction form and upload pictures of your product. Click “send” after you check the terms and conditions box. Your message will land in one of our team member’s e-mail, that will put your artwork in the correct category. Once the auction is over, you will be notified of all further necessary information.


In order to stay updated and be able to sell or buy at our auction, register a free account under the “LOGIN” page. Pre-registering before the first auction starts will land you a 5% discount for the first 6 months! This applies for sellers and buyers as well. The commission fee for buyers is 9%, and for sellers 12%, without VAT. Commissions are not charged on shipping costs, only on the winning bid.

Determine what you can sell on ARTemiss

Our team of experts select all objects to ensure that only the highest quality and most exceptional objects make it into our auctions.


It is recommended to be very specific when selling at our art auction. Give as many details as you see necessary, for example what is your estimate on how much your artwork worth, year of origin, name of artist, etc. This increases the chances of success.



After writing a detailed description, it is important to add high-quality photographs. We have a few tips for you on how to take the best photos of your artwork. Better photos often lead to better returns, so this step is very important. Note: The minimum number of photos needed depends on the category. 

Make sure you set a minimum price, otherwise the auction will start at 1€. Setting the minimum price ensures that you get the desired money for it. If the minimum price is not met, the artwork will not be sold and no commission fee will be charged. 


Once our experts determine that your artwork is suitable for auction they will approve it and plan it into an upcoming auction as soon as possible. When your artwork is scheduled depends on a variety of factors. Our experts carefully compile the auctions and try to avoid too many similar artworks being included at once, therefore your artwork may be planned for a later date in order to achieve better results. Once your artwork is planned for auction, you will receive an email notification.


As an upcoming auction website, we strive to be transparent and trustworthy. While we intend to grow exponentially, our paste is determined on you. As first, we start with one auction, and we closely observe the demand, and base our further marketing and auction openings on that.


As soon as the auction closes, the highest bid wins! The buyer will then transfer their payment and the seller will be asked to ship the artwork, or make it available for pick up, within 3 days. After shipment, the payout will be initiated. This way your money is kept safe until the transaction is complete. The seller will be paid for your artwork approximately 2 weeks after the artwork has been shipped. We deduct commission fees, as described above.


You can always consult us on our website where you will find the answers to many frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered there, however, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team at info@artemiss.eu, who are standing by to assist you.