Michael de Bono

Size of artwork: 47 by 44
Does it come with a frame or stand? Yes
Does it come with a certificate of authenticity? Yes
Is this an original artwork or a duplicate? Original
When was this artwork made? 2018
Shipping costs in Europe 30€

Description: Direct from the artist's studio, this beautiful painting in oils depicting a woman wearing a golden headdress is rendered with incredible precision and finesse. As can be seen in the photographs appended to this auction, the work has an egg shell smoothness. The retail price of this picture is 3,400 Euros. The painting comes complete with a bespoke hard wood frame trimmed with gold.

Michael de Bono is an award winning artist from the U.K. His much sought after paintings have been selected four times by the Royal Academy of Art in London for exhibition in their prestigious summer show. His first painting sold at the R.A for Ł7000 in 2008. For more information please visit


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